Ungodly Mocking

object-of-ridiculeIf you have been paying attention to our culture over the past two or three decades, you may have noticed that the animosity aimed at God and His Word has grown tremendously. It seems that way but, in reality, it has not. Animosity toward God and His Holy Word has been around since Satan fell from heaven. His first attack on God’s perfect creation was to get the man and woman to doubt God and His Word. Read Genesis 3. Did God really say . . . . , that is his strategy. During the days of the Apostle Peter’s life, things were no different. Things had not changed much in 4,000 years. They have not changed much in the last 2,000 years. Peter has much to teach us on this subject. Although written 2,000 years ago, the teachings are relevant to the 21st Century person. Continue reading

The dangers of being a mocker

In this article I would like to demonstrate the disasterous results of being a mocker/scoffer in life, especially if you are a mocker of God. I do not know if you have read much about the atheist Christopher Hitchens but I have and I would like to warn other atheists about the dangers of mocking God. Mr. Hitchens’ friend, Richard Dawkins should pay very close attention to what Mr. Hitchens is experiencing at the moment. The previously mentioned Mr. Hitchens wrote a book, God is not great, Continue reading