Do you value people over things?

IMG_1244I am working on my lesson for our Connect Groups that will meet this coming Sunday at Southern Calvert Baptist Church. As a church, we have been walking through the entire Bible over the previous two and a half years. I am so excited to see how all of the things that we have been learning are all coming together in the person of Jesus Christ. This week, our journey takes us to the Gospel of Luke, chapter 12. What do you value in this life? What do you spend the majority of your time doing? What do you invest your time and energy into the most? For many humans, we invest our precious time and energy into acquiring wealth and possessions. In and of themselves, wealth and possessions are not a bad thing. Money is simply a tool in the hands of God that He uses to reveal our priorities. We all have a choice; we can use the precious gift of time to invest in temporary things, like wealth and possessions or, we can use the precious gift of time to invest in eternal things, like the souls of our fellow human beings. Jesus challenges us to pick one or the other because we cannot do both. In other words, we cannot serve two masters. We cannot serve wealth accumulation and God both at the same time. We will give lip service to one and really devote ourselves to the other. This is what Jesus addresses in Luke 12. Continue reading

Living faith revealed!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is Wednesday once again and I am preparing to teach my staff James. We are in chapter 2, learning about the differences between living faith and dead faith. It is hard to believe that we are already on lesson 7 of 16. It is amazing how time seems to fly by as we busily serve the Lord. Here are links to the previous lessons.

  1. Living faith vs. Dead faith
  2. Living faith vs. Dead faith part II
  3. Trials and Temptations; what’s the difference?
  4. Genuine faith in action
  5. Two spiritual births; death and life
  6. Living faith in action

James has shown us real life situations that reveal of our faith is genuine or not. How are you doing with your daily exam? Are you learning to run to God and ask for wisdom, the One who gives liberally without reproach? How do we do it? Run to His Word, the fount of all wisdom! Continue reading

The Importance of Giving as a Christian

dollar-sign There is much debate in our day and time about “giving”. Some people feel that those who have are obligated to give to those who do not have for the sake of equality. Usually those who preach this doctrine want to give other people’s money to the needed but not their own. Take Obama for example. He wants the American public to spread the wealth yet he himself gives less than 1% of his income to charity. What a great example of hypocrisy seen here. I will not go political in this post even though I would like to sometimes. I want to talk about the importance of giving if you are a true follower of Continue reading

Common Sense VII: Money and Possessions

money093The way that we view money and possessions shows whether or not we have or lack common sense. In other words, the ways that we seek financial gain are a great indicator of our relationship with God. As we have earlier established, common sense is a direct result of having a relationship with God, being taught by Him through His Word. In this article I want to take a look at the wise man Solomon’s 11th Proverb, or wise teaching.

  1. Continue reading