The dangers of moral relativism

Lately I have been hearing a lot about the dangerous idea of relativism. It hurts my heart when I realize how many people have so easily been deceived by this dangerous teaching. Even good people, with good intentions, have bought the lie of relativism. In order to discuss this subject, I would first like to look at a definition of the word relativism.

any theory holding that criteria of judgment are relative, varying with individuals and their environments.

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Speak out against the dangers of homosexuality and you get attacked

I find it odd that those who practice or support homosexuality usually cry for “tolerance” until it is their turn to be tolerant and then they throw “tolerance” (as well as civility) out the door. I have written about how homosexuals are intolerant of those with whom they do not agree. I have written about their deceptive, as well as aggressive tactics. You can read these articles on my blog. In fact, I will link to several of the articles in this one. Continue reading

Just a thought

man_thinking Anytime I have a discussion either in person or online, I hear a common point offered by homosexuals and their supporters. The point being, homosexuality is not unnatural because it happens among some of the animal groups. That is the end all argument that cannot be countered (at least that is what they believe). I thought about the logic of this argument and came to an interesting conclusion. Is it acceptable among people because it happens in the animal kingdom? If that is the case then I have a question. Many animals eat there young, so is it okay for human parents to eat their offspring?

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What does the Bible say about “flirting”?

flirting This is the second sermon that I will be preaching at the youth camp. I appreciate the feedback from the last one. I always appreciate feedback because it helps me modify the message so that it will be better understood and easily applicable. This lesson will address the problem of flirting, a major problem among teens and even adults in our day and time. Many people have ruined their lives because of immorality and it all began with a simple flirt. God wants us to avoid immorality at all costs and that is why He warns of the dangers of flirting.

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The portrait of a genuine Christian

Many people claim to be Christians in our world today. In fact, the stats say that there are around 2.2 billion professing Christians on planet earth at this very moment. Do you consider yourself a Christian? I would like to take a look at Saint Paul‘s epistle (letter) to the Christians in Philippi to see how the Word of God describes a genuine Christian. Continue reading

Gay columnist admits that the gay agenda is child indoctrination

I have written several articles about the homosexual movement, focusing on the fact that homosexuals are not born but must be “converted” to the homosexual lifestyle. One of the tactics of the homosexual movement is to get their propaganda in the public schools system so that they can have constant access to new “recruits”. Now we have even more proof of the existence of this tactic, shared by a gay reporter. Daniel Villarreal shared the following bit of info while discussing the debate of allowing gay marriage in the state of New York. In his own words, Continue reading

International AIDS awareness Day

As you may or may not know, today, Dec. 1 is the international AIDS awareness day celebrated in many, many countries. For the most part, organizations that participate in this day of awareness usually come from the secular humanistic point of view that the best way to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS is using a condom. The argument usually unfolds like this, “teens and young adults are going to have sex anyway so why not teach them how to be better protected (not 100% protected) by using a condom. Besides, abstinence is so “old fashioned”, and we live in the modern age.” If you have heard or used this argument then I would like to flip the coin on you and take a look at the other side. Continue reading

10 things I want to change in my country


  1. The Bible will be taught in all public schools

I want to prepare leaders who will be willing to go into the public school system and teach the Word of God (specifically “The Truth About Sex”) in all middle schools and high-schools.

People have been deceived into thinking that the Bible cannot be taught in public schools but that is a lie, it can be taught as an optional course if there are people who will be willing to go and teach it. I want my fellow church members to volunteer to go and teach in public schools.

2. I want pornography to be outlawed in my country and for it to be illegal to make a profit off of it.

I want to challenge people around me (neighbors, relatives, fellow Christians) to be very active in writing letters to the authorities in order to protest against porn (on tv, on the internet, magazines, etc).

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Common Sense VIII: The Sexual Relationship

happy familyThis lesson on common sense deals with a subject that causes most people to loose their common sense. There are several heresies that go along with the sexual relationship and for the sake of time we will cover only a couple of them. If these ideas exist in your thought process about sex then I am sorry to inform you that you lack common sense. The great thing about common sense is that it can be learned.

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