Love or Lust, does it really matter?

I went to teach two eighth grade classes today at our local public high school. I really enjoy teaching these two classes, even though it is very difficult to keep them focused. I teach them once a week during their civics class. Part of the class involves human sexuality so I was invited to teach about the Bible and human sexuality. Today, we covered the story of Amnan and Tamar. Continue reading

Have Common Sense: Avoid Pornography

no-porn-480As I prepared to teach this lesson on the dangers of pornography I was shocked to see the devastating effects of pornography and the statistics about pornography. I have known that porn was wrong for a long time (even before becoming a Christian I knew that porn was dirty). As I began to grow in my faith and knowledge of the Word of God I learned that the Bible speaks on the subject of pornography. I was pleased to find clear teaching against porn and why it is a bad thing. As I looked at the stats on porn I was just reminded of what the Bible says. Here are a few stats that I have accumulated through research on the subject of porn. Continue reading