Experiencing God’s Comfort

comfort_God As a church council, we have begun studying Paul’s second epistle to the church in Corinth. We are studying Kay Arthur’s, “Lord, give me a heart for You”. I just finished the first lesson today and I want to write a little bit on what we learned about suffering, which is not a fun subject, and the comfort that we receive from God while enduring difficult times in life. II Corinthians 1:1-11 is the main text for the lesson.

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Lord teach us to pray.

0839_Jesus_praying_christian_clipartThe other night at church I taught a lesson on prayer based on the need for deliverance from temptation. As we learn from the Word of God, we all (humans) will be faced with temptation every single day and we must realize this fact and be ready for the battle. In this article I would like to explain how we can be prepared for temptation and have victory over temptation every single moment of every single day. The prayer for deliverance comes at the end of Jesus Christ’s model prayer as outlined in the 6th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew which was given by Christ in the “Sermon on the Mount”. Before we can enjoy deliverance we need to take a look at the previous 5 points in the model prayer. Continue reading