Worship: the Word, the Light,the prayers

I am getting ready to teach my staff another lesson on genuine worship. This is our 4th one in the series of 6. I am excited to see what we are learning, practical teachings on how God defines genuine worship. Here are some of the previous articles on this subject:

  1. Genuine Worship
  2. Genuine Worship: Entering the presence of God
  3. Genuine Worship: Jesus’ Role

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Jesus’ role in Genuine Worship

In our study of Genuine Worship, we have discovered that God is the focus of Genuine Worship. From Genesis 22, the first time that the word worship is used in the Bible, we see it explained by love and obedience. Genuine Worship to God is done out of love and is manifested in our obedience. In lesson two, we learned about the tabernacle and how it leads us to worship God correctly. This week, we are going to cover the significance of Jesus Christ in Genuine Worship. Continue reading