Homosexuals strike again, in California

gay-history The homosexual agenda and its propaganda machine are at it again in California. As I have written in many other posts, the homosexual agenda wants to manipulate little children who do not know how distinguish between good and evil. They are using the tactics of Hitler, brainwash little children and you will have faithful servants for life. Big tobacco companies did the same things in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s in the USA and now we have generations of smokers who have been hooked for life because of these brainwashing tactics. Continue reading

Gay columnist admits that the gay agenda is child indoctrination

I have written several articles about the homosexual movement, focusing on the fact that homosexuals are not born but must be “converted” to the homosexual lifestyle. One of the tactics of the homosexual movement is to get their propaganda in the public schools system so that they can have constant access to new “recruits”. Now we have even more proof of the existence of this tactic, shared by a gay reporter. Daniel Villarreal shared the following bit of info while discussing the debate of allowing gay marriage in the state of New York. In his own words, Continue reading

Is there a gay gene?

I hate to keep pointing out the same problems over and over again but I just cannot help pointing out propaganda when I see it. Homosexuality is dangerous and must not be promoted as a virtue. There is not conclusive evidence that homosexuality is inborn. There is no “gay gene” that proves that homosexuality is not a choice. The Bible teaches that homosexuality is a choice like any other sexual activity, yet pro homosexual groups blatantly lie to people in order to promote their propaganda. The picture that you see in is taken in Romania and claims that babies are born homosexual, it is neither a choice nor a disease. Again, there is not conclusive proof that homosexuality is inborn. This is what the pro homosexuals want you to “believe”. Why? So that their lifestyle will be accepted and promoted within society. This is how the next generation of homosexuals must be recruited. Why do we allow people to promote propaganda openly?

Homosexuals want to manipulate our children.

GayFlagI read a lot about history and keep up with what is happening globally and by doing so I have noticed that homosexuals want/try to manipulate children by teaching them (children) about homosexuality. The homosexuals argue that since they, themselves are homosexuals then they have the right to “inform” others (especially children) about homosexuality. Anyone can see the bias that a homosexual would bring to his/her teaching (propaganda is a better term if you ask me) yet homosexuals insist that their point of view is correct and everyone else should be silent on the issues and agree with them. I really do not feel that it is correct only to allow one point of view when teaching people. In fact that is how propaganda is spread, when people are manipulated into believing whatever the lie that is being propagated is. Propagating only one point of view is bad enough but add to the fact that homosexuals want to teach kindergartners about homosexuality. Why does a child who barely knows the difference between his right and left hand need to be taught about homosexuality? He/she is a child for crying out loud. Children do not need to learn about heterosexuality until the right time, until they mature or are nearing maturity. Let children be children. What else could the homosexuals plan be in indoctrinating children at five or six years old about homosexuality if it is not their own agenda? Some public schools (tax payer funded of course, by many who do not agree with homosexuality) are holding “Gay Days” in honor of homosexuals and homosexuality. Continue reading