The Revelation of Jesus Christ

15390646_1205486506204430_8757812736487532723_nThis coming Sunday, we are going to finish our walk through the entire Bible in 2016. It has been an amazing year. All of us, kids, teachers, and leaders learned so much about the Word of God. The Bible really is all about Jesus. Here are some of the previous lessons that we have learned:

So, the trick in covering Revelation in 45 minutes is deciding what to focus on from the book. There is so much here. Praise the Lord for this amazing book. I decided to break the book up in three parts, focusing on chapter 1, 7, and 19. Continue reading

Daniel and Biblical Prophecy VII

This is the last article on the book of Daniel and end times prophecy. I started writing these posts a couple of years ago and wrote all of them but the last one. I am teaching this last lesson tonight and decided to write about it before teaching it.

As we have seen over and over again in the previous articles on Daniel, the future of the world has already been written. God has explained in very specific details what is going to happen in the future. He wrote this around 550 B.C. and laid out what the future held for the Jews, up until the first coming of Christ, all the way until the second coming of Christ. All has happened just like God explained. There is just a little bit left and it will happen.

From our previous article, we learned about the 70 weeks that have been decreed for the nation of Israel in Daniel 9. According to the text, the 70 weeks, or 490 years are divided like the diagram shows.Untitled Continue reading

The authority of the Word of God

Last week, during our staff meeting, we covered II Timothy 3, learning the differences between the believers and the unbelievers in the church based on their attitude toward the Word of God. This week, we want to focus on the authority of the Word of God. Do you sit under the authority of the Word of God? How do you know that you sit under the authority of the Word of God? Let’s see if we can find the answer from the Word of God. Continue reading

Impressions of the session in Poland

We studied II Thessalonians and Time Management for 7 full days. We learned specific principles of planning our time from the Scriptures. It was an amazing time and my prayer that all Christians would one day study this material in order to be efficient with the limited amount of time that we have on this earth. I just want to pass on a few of the impressions.

  1. I always knew planning was important but I did not know that the Bible teaches on this subject. I have always been a short term planner but I never thought about lifetime goals, especially for the Lord.
  2. I learned that we are to actively await the Lord’s coming. I learned how we can actively await that Day, on a daily basis, accomplishing a lot for the Lord with the short time that we have here on this earth. Continue reading

Biblical Prophecy and Daniel IV

As I wrote in the previous article we will gain further insight into Daniel 7 when we look at the New Testament book of Revelation. The book of Daniel lays the blue-print of Biblical prophecy or the skeleton while Revelation adds the meat to the bones. Let’s take a look at a few passages from Revelation to see what further insights we can gain. Revelation 13:1-9 is the first passage that we will consider. Before we begin, as a way of review, let’s compile what we have learned so far. Continue reading

Biblical Prophecy and Daniel III

DANIEL-7-little-horn As we continue to look at Daniel we will learn some new insights from chapter 7 that further explain Daniel’s dream about the 4 beasts that coincide with the 4 parts of the statue from King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel chapter 2. In verses 15-22 of chapter 7 we will gain further insight about the kingdoms and what is to come.

“As for me, Daniel, my spirit was distressed within me, and the visions in my mind kept alarming me. Continue reading

Biblical Prophecy and Daniel II

da2&7I would like to continue our look at the Biblical book of Daniel and see what else we can learn about prophecy; how it came true during Daniel’s lifetime and how this prophecy is still coming true today. As you may remember, Daniel is a slave in the Babylon during the reign of king Nebuchadnezzar. The king has a dream that none of his wise men or magicians can interpret and he becomes furious. He begins putting them to death and Daniel is called upon to tell the dream and its interpretation. God reveals both to Daniel and he passes the message on to the king, giving all the credit to God. The dream was of a statue with four main parts (the feet and toes were a continuation of the legs) along with a stone that becomes a mountain that fills the whole earth. Continue reading

Biblical Prophecy and Daniel

NebsImage I would like to look at the Biblical book of Daniel. Many people have many different ideas about the account of Daniel. As with any prophecy the reader must understand a few very important rules to keep in mind while studying Daniel. This will not be exhaustive but I would like to share a few. First of all, the reader must realize that the writer of the prophecy can either be talking about 3 major groups of people; the Jews, the Gentiles, or the Church (made up of Jews and Gentiles). Sometimes the author can speak of the 3 different groups all in the same chapter so you must pay close attention to the words that are used along with the context to determine which group is being spoken of. Continue reading