God is the God of miracles

maxresdefaultWe are living in difficult days. We have been living in difficult days for a couple of years now. People are losing hope and it is leading to some dark places. I was reading some information on the CDC website today on the number of suicide attempts by teens over the past two years. I was shocked by the information. Among 12-17 year olds, during the period of March 29 – April 25 of 2020, there were 540 ER visits by teens suspected of attempting suicide. 408 of them were girls and 132 were boys. During the period of July 26 – August 22 of 2020, the number was 665. 519 were girls and 146 were boys. During the period of February 21 – March 20 of 2021, the number was 1,052. Continue reading

Created for the glory of God

live-life-for-GodI am preparing our lesson for Connects Groups this week at Southern Calvert Baptist Church. Over the previous three years, our church walked through the entire Bible, cover to cover. Two weeks ago, we began the process again. Our first two lessons covered Genesis 1-2. In lesson two, we discovered that mankind was created in the image of God. This week, we are going to discover what it means to live for the glory of God. Many Bible teachers have taught many lessons over the years about the importance of each person living for the glory of God. Living for the glory of God sounds very pleasant, and it is, yet, if you think about it, what does that actually mean? Do average people understand what that means in a practical sense? How do we make this tangible? The answer is found in Psalm 96 as well as in II Corinthians 4. Let’s discover these truths together. Continue reading