Hearing and Answering God’s Calling

hannah-presents-son-samuel-barrett-82857-printHere at Southern Calvert Baptist Church we are preparing to study the great calling that the Lord gave to Samuel. We are studying through the entire Bible over a three year period using “The Gospel Project”. In our previous lesson, we looked at how Ruth came under the protection of the Lord God of Israel. The Gospel was extended to the Gentiles long before the Day of Pentecost, even before Acts 10. God extended His great mercy, grace, and salvation to the Gentile, Rahab, who was also a prostitute. Then He extended His message to Ruth. In this lesson, we are going to see God extend His great mercy, grace, and salvation to a little Jewish boy named Samuel. It is a beautiful picture of the holy calling that the Lord extends to every human being. The question is, are we going to answer that calling or not? Continue reading

To my son, Emmanuel on his birthday

28059339_1749536671776371_7579636256076358707_nToday marks the ninth trip around the sun for the little boy who carries the last name that I inherited from my father on to the next generation. I want to instill the following things in his life as he prepares to take on the world as a man some day soon.

I inherited some things from my own father that I would like to pass on to my only son. My dad was my hero as I was growing up. He did many things that I have come to appreciate greatly over the years. My dad had a kind heart. He never met a stranger and he would open his home to anyone. You could always count on some great advice over a hot meal or a cup of coffee. I watched my dad love on my friends and neighbors just as much as he loved on me. My dad was a man of few words, although, when he spoke, he imparted wisdom. He was an example in his actions more than he was in the words that he spoke. As I think back on my life at home with my dad, the Apostle Paul’s words ring in my ears. He wrote a letter to a church in the ancient city of Corinth. He dealt a lot with the subject of manhood. Continue reading

Learn to honor your parents

Dear friends, I have been listening to a sermon preached by my mentor, Vasile Filat, based on I Timothy 5. I want to share some of the thoughts from the sermon with you here in this article. I will not link to the sermon because it is in Romanian. Before we begin, take a moment to read the following verses: Continue reading

Christian parents creating a love for the ministry in their children

Christian parents have the responsibility to create a passion in their children’s lives for serving in the ministry. If we do not intentionally create this passion, others will come along and give them a passion for something else.

1. Teach your children to love the Bible and study it systematically

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Mission Minded Families

I am preparing to teach a breakout session today during our annual Hoffmantown missions conference. I am excited to be able to teach from II Timothy, a book that we have been studying for most of this year in the children’s department. We are going to learn how to do missions as a family.

If you look into the Bible, you will quickly notice that God is in the business of connecting with people, training and equipping them, send them out as missionaries. Here is a short list of missionaries in the Bible. It is not exhaustive. Continue reading

Children are important to God; Reach them for Christ

I heard a wonderful sermon at church today and I want to share it with you here in this article. The preacher is a friend of mine in the ministry. He has many disciples through the sport of TaeKwonDo (TKD). He works with children teaching them discipline and hard work through TKD as well as the Word of God. Since June 1 is International Children’s Day, he decided to speak about children and their value to God and the importance of leading them to Christ.

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The importance of protecting your children

decision-makingWhen you talk to parents today it seems like their number one desire for their children is to make things better for them financially or materially speaking than when they were growing up. Parents seem to focus so much on this that they forget about the importance of protecting their children from evil and, in many cases, the parents are the ones who put their children in harm’s way by bring the children face to face with evil. For example, Continue reading

The importance of teaching your children

children learningThere is a popular idea that is spreading all over the world today in the area of teaching children. The modern idea is that you let your children do what they want, learn what they want, and choose whatever pleases them. As parents, we are to be their friends, feed them, clothe them, and give them shelter, while at the same time, letting them Continue reading

The importance of disciplining your children

disciplineDisciplining children is a hot topic in our day and time. Many people have many different opinions on how to do it and how not to do it. The belt and paddle are looked at as things of the past, archaic. Of course, the Bible teaches people how to have common sense in the area of disciplining children. The Bible speaks a lot about how to discipline, but more importantly, the Bible explains the reasons for it and the consequences of not do it. There is a saying in physics that goes like so, “things in the universe go from order to Continue reading