Principles of leadership by St. Paul

leadershipThe other day I had the privilege of attending our monthly Precept meeting at our leader, Vasile Filat’s home. It was a pleasure to hear all of the testimonies from the different workers in the Gospel, ordinary people who serve the Lord with all of their hearts. Some are teachers, others are coaches, still others are business people yet all of us has the same thing in common, our relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ which gives us a passion for the people around us. Continue reading

Are you “saved”?

As I wrote the last article about justification and sanctification I realized that there is a need to write about getting “saved”. For the most part, many people believe that getting saved means avoiding the penalty of hell and going to heaven when you die . . .  If you are waiting for more, keep on waiting because that is what many believe. What about daily life? Do you just get saved from hell so that you can live the rest of your life the way that you want and then go to heaven after you die? Interestingly enough, Jesus said that He came to give us life, and life abundantly. That means for the here and now. Salvation is way more than just avoiding hell and going to heaven. In fact, the idea of salvation has a 3 part meaning: salvation past, present, future. Most of us learn the past and future parts. All of my sins were paid for (salvation past) and I will go to heaven when I die (salvation future). There is a 3rd aspect, the present, abundant life for the here and now. The abundant life Jesus is talking about is not health and wealth. I know lots of people who are experiencing abundant life and they are neither healthy (physically speaking) nor wealthy (in the physical, material sense). It is all about the spiritual, which also impacts the physical. Continue reading

Serve God as a happy family

331_29391316975_2926_nI would like to write about God, family, and serving the Lord. The Bible sets an example before us in Priscilla and Aquila. God uses this example to teach us about serving Him in the midst of our daily lives, especially when we are preoccupied with the cares of daily life. Many people serve the Lord while they are young and single yet once they get married, they seem to lose their zeal and their direction. They get busy with taking care of themselves, their homes, their kids etc. In order to know what to do and how to serve the Lord as a family, I would like to walk through the Scriptures and see what God teaches about this wonderful family.

Continue reading