Does God still judge sexual sin today?

I have been teaching the Bible study “The Truth about sex” written by Kay Arthur since 2004 when I first studied it for my own personal walk with the Lord. I was amazed to see how practical the Word of God is in the area of human sexuality. One of the lessons that hit home with me was the fact that God still judges sexual sin today, as He did in the Old Testament.

I grew up after the sexual revolution and so a warped form of human sexuality was given to me at an early age, via mass media, public school, and from friends and their “experiences”. I also grew up hearing that God is not the same as He was in the Old Testament because Jesus changed all of the teachings of the Old Testament. My whole world was rocked after studying this lesson. Continue reading


Strange women and Dumb men

I am preparing to teach a lesson this week on the dangers of sexual sin. As I was preparing, I was amazed to see how relevant this message is for the 21st Century even though it was originally written almost 3,000 years ago. Our culture is full of naive men and strange women (strange to the ways of God). Let’s take a look at this lesson and see how it compares to our modern society.

There are a couple of passages that I want us to read before we begin to discuss what we learn.

In order to understand this passage, I would like to break it up into 4 parts, 1) the commands 2) the adulteress 3) the results 4) God’s solution Continue reading

Marriage without Regrets Lesson 4; the role of man

Tonight I have the opportunity to teach on the role of man from the Bible study course “Marriage without Regrets“. I have been married for over 11 years and could not imagine being married a day without first having done the Bible study several times in preparation. Marriage is the most rewarding relationship on this earth, other than a genuine relationship with God. Unfortunately, too many people have the marriage and the regrets because they were not properly prepared for this awesome journey. Continue reading

Does America really need a LGBT history month?

I was shocked to learn of this news the other day, the fact that Obama has declared the month of June as “Homosexual Pride” month and that homosexual activists have declared the month of October (conveniently while children are in school) as “LGBT History” month.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. I am shocked at this blatant propaganda but at the same time I am not surprised. This is how the homosexual agenda works and it started 1,000s of years ago, all the way back in the book of Genesis. Here are some insights on the homosexual agenda. Continue reading

Masturbation and Onanism are two totally different sins

I want to address this topic because the more I teach “What does the Bible say about sex” to teens, the more I realize the confusion between these two sins. I even remember hearing while I was growing up that masturbation is wrong because you spill your “seed” on the ground like that guy in the Bible and God condemned him.

I would like to use this article to clarify the difference between the sin of masturbation and the sin of onanism. Unfortunately, the dictionary calls onanism masturbation but as we will see from the Biblical example, onanism is not masturbation. Onanism is not just simply a man spilling his seed on the ground.

What does the Bible teach about masturbation? Continue reading

Love or Lust, does it really matter?

I went to teach two eighth grade classes today at our local public high school. I really enjoy teaching these two classes, even though it is very difficult to keep them focused. I teach them once a week during their civics class. Part of the class involves human sexuality so I was invited to teach about the Bible and human sexuality. Today, we covered the story of Amnan and Tamar. Continue reading

Breaking addiction’s devastating grip

breaking_addictionsThis Friday night’s theme for the youth group is about addictions among teens. I want to focus on the psychological addictions such as “being in love”, eating disorders, body image problems, sports addictions, addictions to television and internet, exercise addictions, and sexual addictions. Many times, when addictions are presented and solutions are given, drugs and alcohol, the physical dependencies, are the central focus of the discussion while the more psychological addictions remain in the background.

First of all, we must understand that as fallen people, born into the bondage of sin, we have a tendency to succumb to addictions. The Bible teaches this in several different passages. Continue reading

Biblical Engagement

I am officiating my first “engagement” today. In order to brush up on the process and think through the Biblical steps, I would like to write a post on what the Bible says about the act of “engagement”. The word is found in the Old Testament in the book of Deuteronomy. Continue reading

Still don’t think homosexuality is dangerous?

I just found some new info on the dangers of homosexuality. There are many who say that this is a harmless, alternative lifestyle that should be promoted just like heterosexuality. I could not disagree more. I have written much on this subject but I have to continue because the evidence continues to mount against homosexuality. It is dangerous for children to be around homosexuals. Read why here. Homosexuals are targeting children. See how here. They want to teach children in the public schools. HIV/AIDS is an epidemic among homosexuals in the USA.  Continue reading

Homosexuals and child molestation

I have had the privilege this past week of spending a few days with Dr. Paul Cameron and his wife as they have been sharing with the citizens of Moldova about the dangers of homosexuality, especially to our children. Based on the arguments shared by Mr. Cameron, I want to preach a sermon this Sunday morning at the church. I was not surprised to see the results of Mr. Cameron’s research. I would like to share the sermon here with you in article form. (check out his info at the Family Research Institute website)

I. Homosexuality promises financial prosperity. We live in a material world where people will literally sell their souls in order to gain the world. The motto of the day is “live for the here and now and do not worry about tomorrow”. The idea of accepting homosexuality is promoted left and right, but of course, the negative consequences are avoided and the “benefits” (usually in the financial form) are promoted. This is nothing new. This happened in the very beginning.

And Lot lifted up his eyes and saw that the Jordan Valley was well watered everywhere like the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt, in the direction of Zoar. (This was before the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.) Genesis 13:10

Continue reading