Homosexuals and child molestation

I have had the privilege this past week of spending a few days with Dr. Paul Cameron and his wife as they have been sharing with the citizens of Moldova about the dangers of homosexuality, especially to our children. Based on the arguments shared by Mr. Cameron, I want to preach a sermon this Sunday morning at the church. I was not surprised to see the results of Mr. Cameron’s research. I would like to share the sermon here with you in article form. (check out his info at the Family Research Institute website)

I. Homosexuality promises financial prosperity. We live in a material world where people will literally sell their souls in order to gain the world. The motto of the day is “live for the here and now and do not worry about tomorrow”. The idea of accepting homosexuality is promoted left and right, but of course, the negative consequences are avoided and the “benefits” (usually in the financial form) are promoted. This is nothing new. This happened in the very beginning.

And Lot lifted up his eyes and saw that the Jordan Valley was well watered everywhere like the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt, in the direction of Zoar. (This was before the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.) Genesis 13:10

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Let the people vote New York!!!

The homosexual movement strikes again. This time in New York. Instead of allowing the citizens of New York to vote on the matter, the homosexual movement has once again pressured the lawmakers to make laws via loopholes. When people are given the right to choose whether to allow the degradation of society by allowing gay marriage or not, they choose traditional marriage every single time. Continue reading

Gay columnist admits that the gay agenda is child indoctrination

I have written several articles about the homosexual movement, focusing on the fact that homosexuals are not born but must be “converted” to the homosexual lifestyle. One of the tactics of the homosexual movement is to get their propaganda in the public schools system so that they can have constant access to new “recruits”. Now we have even more proof of the existence of this tactic, shared by a gay reporter. Daniel Villarreal shared the following bit of info while discussing the debate of allowing gay marriage in the state of New York. In his own words, Continue reading

10 things I want to change in my country


  1. The Bible will be taught in all public schools

I want to prepare leaders who will be willing to go into the public school system and teach the Word of God (specifically “The Truth About Sex”) in all middle schools and high-schools.

People have been deceived into thinking that the Bible cannot be taught in public schools but that is a lie, it can be taught as an optional course if there are people who will be willing to go and teach it. I want my fellow church members to volunteer to go and teach in public schools.

2. I want pornography to be outlawed in my country and for it to be illegal to make a profit off of it.

I want to challenge people around me (neighbors, relatives, fellow Christians) to be very active in writing letters to the authorities in order to protest against porn (on tv, on the internet, magazines, etc).

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The Truth About Sex part I

male and femaleI want to write this article to help explain some very important things about sex because as I talk with more and more people both Christian and non Christian, I realize that very few people know and understand the Truth about Sex. Many people have many different opinions about sex, with whom it should be done, when, and so on. I want to look at when sex was created, by whom, and for what purpose in this first article. Since God is the Creator of all things Continue reading

Common Sense VIII: The Sexual Relationship

happy familyThis lesson on common sense deals with a subject that causes most people to loose their common sense. There are several heresies that go along with the sexual relationship and for the sake of time we will cover only a couple of them. If these ideas exist in your thought process about sex then I am sorry to inform you that you lack common sense. The great thing about common sense is that it can be learned.

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“Common Sense” VI The Life of Joseph

3927-largeWe live in a world where the majority of young people do not think about the future (their future or the future of others) and they live for themselves by living for the moment. They listen to music with words like, “if it feels good then do it”. They are constantly bombarded with this message from every angle, because of the evil that is portrayed in the mass media. Many of the young people today lack common sense because of this live for yourself alone attitude. In this article I would like to examine the life of a young man who had common sense and because of his Continue reading

The way that you dress reveals who you are!

looking in mirrorIn this article I would like to draw attention to the way that we dress because it is very important that we are decent in our dress code, showing that we have common sense in this area of life. In our world today it seems to be stylish to dress as indecently as possible. One day as I was walking down the street I heard two young men talking to each other and one of them said the following, “Summer is coming soon so that means Continue reading