Effective Prayer

I am excited to begin a new Bible study today in the essentials of effective prayer. This class is for my preschool teachers who work for Kids’ Express, our weekly preK school that serves our church and our community.

This is our first lesson and we are going to lay the foundation for effective prayer. Have you ever met someone who prayed powerful prayers that moved God to answer time and time again? Are you one of those people? Would you like to become one of those people? This 6 week study will help with this.

I. Elijah’s effective prayer

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Strange women and Dumb men

I am preparing to teach a lesson this week on the dangers of sexual sin. As I was preparing, I was amazed to see how relevant this message is for the 21st Century even though it was originally written almost 3,000 years ago. Our culture is full of naive men and strange women (strange to the ways of God). Let’s take a look at this lesson and see how it compares to our modern society.

There are a couple of passages that I want us to read before we begin to discuss what we learn.

In order to understand this passage, I would like to break it up into 4 parts, 1) the commands 2) the adulteress 3) the results 4) God’s solution Continue reading

Overcoming Fear L3

I am preparing to teach my final lesson at our youth group this Saturday night. It is a bitter sweet feeling. I am so sad to be leaving all of my dear friends here in Moldova but at the same time I am excited to be able to spend some time with my family back in the USA. My mom is very sick so I am glad to be able to comfort her and share God’s love with her so that she can be comforted by God in the midst of sickness. I am also happy and well as a little afraid about the newest missionary adventure that our family is embarking on. I need these lessons on overcoming fear as I am constantly attacked by my fears, especially while going through this transition. I would like to review the previous two lessons to get up to speed on this subject and introduce lesson 3. Before getting into the review, I want to ask you, “what are your fears at the moment?”. Continue reading

Four things that keep us from experiencing genuine Christian community

efnl_camp_2011_thumb.jpgIf you have never studied the book of Ecclesiastes then I would encourage you to read it. When you do, you must be very careful not to miss the main point of the book. As a reader of any literature, you must use the rules of composition to help you understand the idea that the author wants to get across. If you do not use these rules, then you may miss the main point. Ecclesiastes is not a book that you just want to read. It is a book that you need to study so that you can understand what King Solomon wanted to get across.

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God is not a racist, is He?

The atheist claims that God is a racists because He tells the children of Israel not to intermarry with people who are not His children. Does He do this because He does not like people of other races? Or, is there a much deeper spiritual truth to be learned from this teaching on not intermarrying with the Gentiles? You can find the atheist’s argument here. Continue reading

What does the Bible say about “flirting”?

flirting This is the second sermon that I will be preaching at the youth camp. I appreciate the feedback from the last one. I always appreciate feedback because it helps me modify the message so that it will be better understood and easily applicable. This lesson will address the problem of flirting, a major problem among teens and even adults in our day and time. Many people have ruined their lives because of immorality and it all began with a simple flirt. God wants us to avoid immorality at all costs and that is why He warns of the dangers of flirting.

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The Relevance of the Bible

bible3 I had an interesting discussion with a pastor friend of mine the other day about the kings of the Old Testament which prodded me to write this short but much needed article. In fact I will also preach on this subject this coming Sunday morning. Many people continue to say that the Bible is an old book and is no longer relevant to the 21st century. I strongly disagree with this statement and I will explain why, simply using the O.T. as evidence. Those who claim that the Bible is not relevant have usually never actually read the Bible. They base their information on what others have said. This is very dangerous because what you “hear/read” from others may not necessarily be true. Here we go.

I. Israel was a nation founded on godly principles from the Word of God.

It is not difficult to see this with a simple reading of the first 5 books of the Old Testament. God carved out this nation and set down the guidelines for daily life. The people accepted God’s plan and followed it. The nation was formed and grew to power. The main thing that the nation of Israel was to do was to continue following God’s plan as laid out in the Scripture. They did a descent job but they revolted in the fact that they wanted a king in order to be like the other nations. God allowed them to have their king and the first one was a disaster. It got better with David and most of Solomon’s reign. Something happened during Solomon’s reign. The USA has followed the same pattern. America was founded on godly principles and those principles were to be passed on throughout each generation. God carved out a nation of people who were following Him and the nation prospered greatly, into the world’s superpower but somewhere along the way America fell into the same trap that Israel did. America has not learned that history repeats itself if people do not know history and try to avoid the mistakes of the past.

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