A summer full of ministry

I am so glad to be able to write to you about the summer I have had. That is part of the reason why I have not been very active on my blog. I have not been home much and I have not had much access to the internet over the past 2 1/2 months. Continue reading

Day Camps in Moldova Summer ’11

I just wanted to drop a few lines about how the day camps are going this summer. Last summer we had a team of 5 Americans come and spend the summer with us, leading day camps together with our Moldovan leaders. We organized 4 day camps over a 4 week period. This summer, we planned to have 3 Americans come and spend the month of June with us, leading day camps in 3 villages and in the capital city, Chisinau. So far, we have completed 2 day camps in 2 villages and we are currently in the city (tomorrow is the last day). We have had an absolute blast. In all, there are about 12 to 15 of us who have been leading these day camps. The team stayed on site in the villages. The first week they slept in a gym and the second week in a school (in classrooms). For the 3 American guys, using the outhouse was a bit of a shock, as well as having to take a spit bath for a week. They survived and had a great time while doing it.

horesti The first camp was in the village of Horesti, where our church is trying to plant a church. We have a missionary who has been working in this village for almost 3 years, teaching weekly TKD/Bible study classes. The children were waiting on us upon arrival. They remembered us from last year. Continue reading