Worship: the Word, the Light,the prayers

I am getting ready to teach my staff another lesson on genuine worship. This is our 4th one in the series of 6. I am excited to see what we are learning, practical teachings on how God defines genuine worship. Here are some of the previous articles on this subject:

  1. Genuine Worship
  2. Genuine Worship: Entering the presence of God
  3. Genuine Worship: Jesus’ Role

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Covenant , Lesson 8: Christ is the center of Covenant

I have been away for a while on a mission trip so I have not been teaching my Monday night study on the topic of Covenant. My awesome wife stepped in for me and did a great job. I am back now and this coming Monday, I am going to teach lesson 8 from our study on Covenant. I would love to share some insights with you here in this article. By way of review, here are some of our previous lessons:

  1. Covenant Lesson 1
  2. Covenant Lesson 2
  3. Covenant Lesson 3
  4. Covenant Lesson 4
  5. Covenant Lesson 5
  6. Covenant Lesson 6

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Jesus’ role in Genuine Worship

In our study of Genuine Worship, we have discovered that God is the focus of Genuine Worship. From Genesis 22, the first time that the word worship is used in the Bible, we see it explained by love and obedience. Genuine Worship to God is done out of love and is manifested in our obedience. In lesson two, we learned about the tabernacle and how it leads us to worship God correctly. This week, we are going to cover the significance of Jesus Christ in Genuine Worship. Continue reading

True Worship: Entering the presence of God

As my staff and I study through the idea of worship, from a Biblical perspective, I am amazed to see (yet again) just how clear the Word of God is and just how far away we are from in many areas of our modern Christian life. This is our second lesson on the subject. You can find the first lesson here. This is lesson 2 of 6.

In the previous lesson, we learned that the first time worship and love are mentioned in the Bible are in Genesis 22. These two words both revolve around Abraham’s obedience. Worship is an act of obedience to God. Worship must be done God’s way, not just any way that we feel is correct. Worship is more of a lifestyle than an event. Worship involves having God be number 1 in your daily life, choosing not to have any idols. Continue reading