An ideal teacher written by an ideal teacher

make-great-teachersThe ideal teacher, according to my understanding, is a complex person who consists of several key components. Each and every one of them is important and is a must for every good teacher.

First of all, he must convince the students that they are capable of doing great things. A good teacher must encourage his students in all that he does as well as motivate them to positive change. All students are valuable in the eyes of God and must be valued by the good teacher. The students in your classroom are all talented and you must teach them to develop those talents. A good teacher will constantly tell the students that they can understand the material and do all that he can to help them understand it. The best example that a teacher can use for explaining that students are talented and can do it is his own personal example. Continue reading

The Advantages of the Inductive Bible study Institute

Bible StudyThere are many schools in our world today that can offer you a great education and prepare you for some sort of service. Having an education from a secular university I know what it is like to be trained in a certain field, studying theory for four years and then having to gain practical knowledge on your own. For years, I thought that this was the way that a person learned a profession and became a professional. While visiting Chisinau, Moldova I was introduced to the Inductive Bible study Institute. There are many advantages of the Inductive Bible study Institute that I would like to share using three main advantages as a guide, being that the Institute teaches you how to study the Bible, how to teach the Bible, and how to work in a team.

It has been said that efficient leaders are not born, they are made. The Institute teaches you how to become an efficient leader. There are many leaders in this world today and there have been many but there are few effective ones. One’s effectiveness will be seen by his results and the results of the Institute speak for themselves. In order to be efficient in the ministry one needs to be trained in how to study the Word of God because It is the guide for effectiveness. The Institute teaches you how to study the Word of God systematically, giving you structure and Continue reading