Connecting with the Word of God

As we continue to study the theme of “connecting” in “the ROC” I want to take a look at our next study on connecting with the Word of God. Up until this point, we have learned how to connect in the following ways:

We have seen that God wants to connect with us and He wants us to connect with Him. He has opened the lines of communication with us through His Word. Once we connect with Him, He wants us to connect with others, teaching them how to connect with God. When this happens, we have genuine, God-ordained fellowship. This entire process is seen in one chapter of the Bible, Exodus 20. Continue reading

Connecting with God

I hope you have had an awesome week serving the Lord by investing in the Word of God and investing the Word of God in the lives of the people around you. Today, I am going to begin a new series during children’s church, a series called “Connecting”. This week, we are going to learn how to connect with God and how that motivates us to connect with others in a meaningful way. Continue reading