Why did God create SEX?

21837_1000xI am sure that the title caught your attention. Many people have many different views on the sexual relationship. Today, there is much confusion on the subject. Confusion exists in society as well as in the church. I recently taught on this subject in a foreign country and I was surprised to find that much of the confusion that we face in our country is faced in other countries as well. In order to answer the question posed in the title of this article, we need to open up the Word of God. The Bible has been called God’s “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”. We need to discover why God created sex so that we can enjoy it the way that God intended. It is a beautiful gift from God but, it must be kept in its proper context. Continue reading

Counting the Cost of Discipleship L6

It has been neat walking through these lessons on Discipleship. I hope that these articles have been as helpful to you as you read them, as they have been as helpful to me as I think through them and write out what I have been learning.

In the previous lesson, we saw that Christ commissioned His committed followers and equipped them with the power of the Holy Spirit. Now, they are ready to go out and work with the Lord to accomplish this great calling.

In order to get caught up to speed with this lesson, please take a moment to read the previous articles on this study.

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