The Blueprint for Biblical Unity

blueprintAs I sit and prepare for Sunday School, I cannot tell you how excited I am for this lesson. I constantly hear calls for “unity” in the church but, very few of the proclaimers for unity, actually give a clear path of action, a blueprint if you will, that leads to Biblical unity. The vague call is “we just need to love more”. I understand that but, how to you express that call in concrete ways? I am a concrete thinker because when concepts are concrete, people are more likely to apply them. When concepts are abstract, people are less likely to apply because they are not sure what or how to apply the concept. God’s Word presents concepts in concrete ways so that we are able to apply them. In fact, when Jesus gives many of His teachings in parables, He lays the understanding and application in the lap of the audience by exclaiming, “he who has ears, let him hear”. In other words, if you heard this message, you are responsible to understand it and then apply it to your life. This is why God teaches concepts to us in concrete ways, because He wants us to understand them and then apply them. If we have a hard time with understanding, then the Lord tells us to ask Him for understanding and He will give as much as we ask for, without chastising us for asking again and again. In this lesson, we are going to examine Romans 12 in order to discover the blueprint for unity in Christ. Continue reading

Biblical Unity

I experienced an amazing sermon yesterday at Good News and I want to share the important truths with my readers. Our Senior pastor, Vasile Filat, arrived home on Saturday from a 2 week seminar in Romania. He continued his series of messages from St. Paul’s epistle to the church in Ephesus. The first 3 chapters of this epistle contain the theological section. Paul sets the foundation for Christian living by giving pure doctrine (teaching or education). He explains step by step why we need to live like Christ. In chapters 4-6, he changes gears to the practical part. In other words, how to live like Christ based on the knowledge that you have acquired from the previous 3 chapters. The message really spoke to me about my daily attitude and actions. I believe that this will help you as well. Continue reading