All ya need is LOVE!

I am sure that you have heard the song before, the one with the lyrics of “all ya need is love, love is all ya need”. I am not sure what the artists had in mind when writing that but they hit very close to a genuine Biblical truth. Love really is all that we need. The problem that we have in our world is that, although we understand this profound truth, we do not realize that “love” has to be given to us before we can demonstrate it to others. Tonight I am teaching a class on “True Love”. The lesson is to help us prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day correctly. Unfortunately, in our world today, Valentine’s Day has become a big success for all the wrong reasons. Many think that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of lovers. According to the history of the holiday, it is a celebration of married lovers. There is a huge difference between the two mindsets. Love is something that we all want and need yet for some reason, we cannot seem to love one another. There is a reason why this is. The problem that we have is that we are not born with selfless, unconditional love. Since we are all selfish by nature, the love that we show to others is not unconditional. The only way that we can share unconditional, selfless love to others is if we have first experienced it and received it from God. True love, genuine love, Biblical love is not the warm mushy feelings that we get when we are around someone of the opposite sex. God’s love is foreign to us until we experience it. Let’s take a look at the Scriptures to see what God’s love is like, how He manifests it to us, and how we can manifest it to others. Continue reading

Celebrate Valentine’s Day correctly

As we are preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day here in the USA and all over the world I cannot help but wonder if people actually know what they are celebrating and why. Many times, traditions develop over time, as holidays or special celebrations become traditional. Those who celebrate usually forget the reason for the celebration, especially as time passes and new generations come on the scene, not necessarily directly connected to the celebrations and traditions. I feel that this is the case with Valentine’s Day, or the day of “lovers” as some have suggested. In this article I would like to give the history of  St. Valentine and the reason why we celebrate his day in many parts of the world as well as share how to celebrate “True Love” from a biblical perspective.

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