Don’t Compromise on the little things

No CompromiseOver the past couple of weeks at Southern Calvert Baptist Church, we have been learning about Daniel. His life is powerful. The reason that his life is powerful is because he never compromised in the little things. When Daniel was a child, he was taught the Word of God. His parents had a few short years with him but, they did such a wonderful job impacting his life in a positive manner that, he was faithful in the little things for the rest of his life. Daniel was taken prisoner to Babylon when he was around 15 years old. That means that his mother and father had about 15 short years to invest in this boy. They did it so well that Daniel became a champion of the faith. As I mentioned earlier, the secret to Daniel’s success was the fact that he did not compromise on the little things. As a teen, living in a foreign land, learning a new language and culture, even having his name changed from a godly name to a pagan name, Daniel chose to remain faithful to the Lord. Continue reading

Let us learn “Common Sense” V

light_darkIn this article I would like to continue our look at common sense and specifically how it is manifested in people’s lives, either its presence or its absence. In the wise man Solomon’s tenth proverb we see the comparison/contrast method used in order to teach us the complete differences in those who do have common sense and those who do not have it. Solomon compares and contrasts the two by calling the one who has common sense a wise person while the one who lacks common sense is mentioned as a fool. I like how specific and concrete the Word of God is. God uses contrasts such as Continue reading

Let us learn “Common Sense” IV

taking-notes-in-classLet us look at the second proverb of the wise man Solomon, and see what we can learn about those who have common sense and those who do not have it. As we learn about common sense, maybe you will see some things, some areas of your life where you are lacking common sense or at least you need to make an improvement, then I would advise you to apply what you are learning as soon as you learn it and you will immediately begin to reap the rewards. This article will teach us about common sense in relationships with others, especially our teachers, which will give us great benefits and keep us safe on a day to day basis. Solomon goes on to say this,

Continue reading