Time, Talents, and The Kingdom

T2I am preparing to preach this Sunday at Southern Calvert Baptist Church. I am going to preach on the parable of the talents. Our main passage is Luke 19:11-26 and I will also use Matthew 25:14-30 to add some details to the story.

There are two major gifts (talents) that the Lord has given to every single human being. Those two gifts are the gift of life and the gift of time to live life. The Bible teaches us that we can use time one of two ways. We can spend our time wisely or we can spend our time unwisely. Time is a commodity that we spend daily. We receive it as a gift and then we choose how we use it. In the parable of the talents, Jesus wants to teach us how to use our time wisely until the moment when He establishes His earthly kingdom. Continue reading

Zacchaeus: Changed by Jesus to serve others

I am preparing to teach this Sunday’s children’s message and thought that I would share it with you here as I think through the process. The message is about Zacchaeus. This month has really emphasized the fact that we must learn to know God, and when we do get to know Him, our lives as well as our purpose in life, are both forever changed. In order to get to this point, we learned about how Eli mentored Samuel and how Samuel learned to know God and began to serve others because of that knowledge. God used Samuel to impact many lives in a positive manner. In fact, Samuel acted as the final Judge in the history of the nation of Israel. He was used by God to choose the second king of Israel. This past week, we examined the lives of Mary and Martha, learning the importance of sitting at the feet of Jesus so that we can be properly prepared to love and serve the people around us. Continue reading