Connecting with God – Joseph

Over the past 6 weeks at the ROC, we have covered the topic of connecting with God by examining the life of Moses. Now, we are going to shift gears and focus on the life of Joseph, a young man who also connected with God. As we cover Joseph’s life, we will notice some similarities with Moses because they both connected with God and tried to connect others with God. They joined God’s plans and lived successful lives for the Lord. I pray that this series will greatly impact the lives of the children and leaders who study with us at the ROC.

Before we begin the lesson, take a moment to read Genesis 37. Continue reading

Missionary Questionnaire

I just wrote an interview for a friend of mine. The interview was a missions questionnaire. I wanted to share it with you here.


I was wondering if you could tell me a little about what you’ve experienced while on a mission trip.
Mostly, what kind of responsibilities, challenges and victories did you experience. Also, if you have any prayer requests for any upcoming trips, what are they?


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The Gospel was preached to Abraham

As I was preparing to lead lesson 2 from the Bible study manual, “Abraham, God’s Brave Explorer“, I was reminded of a truth that I had known. It was neat to see how it hit me in a fresh way. I have studied the life of Abraham many times and written articles about it. I had seen the truth before but it was neat to see it again. God made it fresh for the moment. The Word of God really is living and active, sharper than a double edged sword. Here are some of the articles on Abraham.

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Practical Examples of serving according to your gift

It is hard to believe that we have come to our last lesson on Spiritual Gifts. This has been such an eye opening experience for the staff. Unfortunately, many of us in the church do not even know that we have been given spiritual gifts, must less, have been trained in what they are and how to serve according to them. I pray that these articles have been as helpful to you as they have been for me. Continue reading

Connecting with the Word of God

As we continue to study the theme of “connecting” in “the ROC” I want to take a look at our next study on connecting with the Word of God. Up until this point, we have learned how to connect in the following ways:

We have seen that God wants to connect with us and He wants us to connect with Him. He has opened the lines of communication with us through His Word. Once we connect with Him, He wants us to connect with others, teaching them how to connect with God. When this happens, we have genuine, God-ordained fellowship. This entire process is seen in one chapter of the Bible, Exodus 20. Continue reading

Understanding Spiritual gifts: Many to One

I am very excited to be able to teach this lesson today. The subject of spiritual gifts is so eye opening and there is such a need in the church to have a proper understanding of our spiritual gifts. This is the 5th lesson in the study, the 5th of 6. Here is a list of the previous lessons.

  1. Spiritual Gifts: An overview
  2. The giving of the Spiritual Gifts
  3. Understanding the Spiritual Gifts in Corinth
  4. Understanding the Spiritual Gifts in Rome

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Understanding the Spiritual Gifts in Rome

It is hard to believe that another week has come and gone. As I sit here preparing for my next staff meeting, I am overwhelmed at how good God is. I have studied the subject of spiritual gifts before, on several different occasions, but it is like is God is speaking to me in a fresh way, all over again. That is what I love about the Word of God, It is living and active, sharper than any double edged sword. This is the 3rd lesson on the subject of Understanding Spiritual gifts and before we dive in, I would like to link to the previous 3 lessons for anyone who has not already had the chance to read them. Continue reading

Connecting in faith

Over the past 2 weeks during “the ROC” (children’s church) we have been learning how to connect, first with God and then with others. Our lessons are looking at the life of Moses, seeing how he connected with God and then with others, with the purpose of helping them connect with God. Here are the previous 2 lessons:

This lesson on connecting in faith is going to teach us how Moses led unfaithful, fearful people to have faith in the Lord and trust Him in the midst of the difficulties of life. Continue reading

Teaching kids to interact with God

As I was teaching John 15 last night to one of my Bible study groups, one of the subjects that we covered was “how do we abide in Christ in a practical manner?”. The answer is found in the passage itself, “abide in the Word of God and have the Word of God abide in us”. Our discussion was, “as I focus on making disciples, how to I connect them with the vine, as I am connected to the vine?” In other words, “how do we teach people to interact with God?” according to John 15. The group answer was, teach them to come face to face with God through His Word. If I am a disciple-maker, am I teaching people to interact with God through His Word or I am “telling them what the Word of God says” keeping them from coming face to face with God unfiltered? Continue reading

Understanding the Spiritual Gifts in Corinth

I have really had a good time studying this subject of spiritual gifts with my staff. It has been a pleasure for me learning right along side my staff members and you as well if you have been reading the posts on spiritual gifts. The previous two lessons have been very eye-opening for us as a staff. To recap, here they are:

This week’s lesson is powerful and freeing when properly understood. There was a lot of confusion in Corinth when it came to the subject of spiritual gifts. Some false teachers had come in and led many of the believers astray, even trying to turn them against their mentor, the church founder, the apostle Paul. Apparently, these false teachers were teaching that some of the Spiritual gifts were more important than others and that everyone needed to have certain gifts in order to be true believers. There was mass confusion. Paul takes quill, ink, and parchment to write to the believers and clear up the misunderstanding. Here is what we can learn from him as he was inspired to write all of this by the Holy Spirit. Please take a moment and read the following verses from I Corinthians 12:1, 4-11, 28-31 Continue reading