How do you respond when someone sins against you?

ForgiveI had the privilege of spending almost 5 days in the Ukraine last week at the Azov sea. I was part of a team from Hoffmantown church that went to Precept Ukraine’s annual festival. We spent 5 days together studying God’s Word and encouraging one another. There were over 800 attendees at the festival from all different parts of Ukraine, even some from the war torn areas.

While there, one of the evening messages was preached by Costel Oglice, one of the leaders of the Precept Ministries Eurasia. He preached on what do you do when someone sin’s against you. I would like to share that message with you here.  Continue reading

Leadership: Helping people break the cycle of sin

slavery_to_sinAs I prepare to teach my staff tomorrow on the subject of leadership, I sit here thinking about the problem that all humanity faces, our slavery to our sin nature, which we inherit from our parents. Do you understand how the cycle of sin works? Are you still stuck in that cycle? Do you know how to lead people out of that cycle?

All of mankind is born into this cycle of sin because of original sin. We all inherit a sin nature from our parents. Sin is in us and it begins to manifest itself from an early age. I have written this before but I believe that it is worth writing again. We see inherited sin in children through the fact that we do not have to teach them to lie, steal, be selfish, harm others etc. Instead, as parents, we have to teach them not to do these things. Continue reading

Dealing with bullies in a Godly way (2)

Last week’s lesson on dealing with bullies really impacted me as I was preparing it. Through God’s grace, I was able to communicate the lesson to the kids clearly. This week I am preparing to teach part two, on the life of the apostle Paul. Before Paul became the greatest missionary that the world has ever known, apart from Jesus Christ, he was Saul and he was a bully. I want to examine the facts and discover how he became a bully and what he was doing to bully others. What is God’s plan for bullies and what can you do to handle a bully in a godly way? Continue reading

VBS in Albuquerque

Agency_D3I just want to share about the week I just had. When coming to Hoffmantown church to be the children and family pastor, I prayed about getting the church involved in the community. One of the things that I felt the Lord leading me to do was to take some of our members to help in a VBS in the community. God opened the door for us to serve in a small church in a difficult part of town. I shared the idea and was given permission to pursue it. Continue reading

Dealing with bullies in a godly way

bulliesAs you can see from the title of this post, I am going to cover a #hot-topic. It seems like that more and more these days people are bullying others. This is not true of course. Bullies have always existed and they always will, not matter what campaign we push via #’s on social media, or are brainwashed with in the public schools. We are much more aware of bullies but that does not mean that there are more bullies. Continue reading

Thank you coach Lightsey

Coach_Hat_tnThis article is about a man who most of you have never heard of unless you grew up during the 90’s in North Mississippi and played baseball in high school or American legion baseball in the summer. I just received the news today that coach Lightsey went home to be with the Lord. He fought a battle for a long time and finally, God decided enough is enough and He ended the suffering. I know that the Lord had to end the fight because coach Lightsey was not a quitter. I guarantee you that he fought tooth and nail until the very end.

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The Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

During our Wednesday evening summer activities in the children’s department, we are cover the fruit of the Spirit. We have seen God do some great things in the lives of the kids as they are learning what it means to have the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit manifests Itself in us during our daily activities. The fruit of the Spirit is mentioned in Galatians 5: Continue reading

The full armor of God: The sword of the Spirit

swordAs I prepare to teach during children’s church this Sunday, I want to wrap up the full armor of God with the last piece that is presented in the text.

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Not everyone can teach others about Christ

I know the title may seem strange, especially coming from a person who encourages people to talk to others about Jesus and trains them how to do it. Let me be clear, the restrictions on who can teach others about Christ are not my own opinions. These restrictions are set in place by God. I want to look at three different occasions when Jesus told people not to tell others important truths about Himself, discovering why, and then learning who is able to teach others.  Continue reading