I almost bought some Girl Scout cookies today . . .

I was out and about today, running some errands for my dear wife and children. As I pulled in the parking lot of a local store, I saw the sign and immediately thought of those delicious samoas that were waiting for me. I reached for my money and then I remembered, the Girl Scouts support Planned Parenthood. I stopped in my tracks, put the money back in my pocket, and entered the store to look for a tasty alternative.

I have two daughters and am disgusted with Scouts’ open promotion of abortion and homosexuality. Our church faced the same thing with the Boy Scouts a couple of years ago. We used to host a troop for years but have had to disassociate with them because of their stance, open acceptance and promotion of homosexuality. God’s Word is very clear when it comes to sexual immorality. It is a sin in all of its forms, including homosexuality.

Is there a Christian alternative to the Girl Scouts like there is for the Boy Scouts? Our church now hosts a troop for Trail Life.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

14 comments on “I almost bought some Girl Scout cookies today . . .

  1. Check out the American Heritage Girls. We were in a troop in Albuquerque and it’s great. They are a Bible based programs for girls of all ages. They started in 1995 and have troops all over the US and more can be started. http://www.ahgonline.org/

  2. This has always been a tough subject for me to discern personally. It seems to me that there are 2 extremes in this area of taking a stand for our beliefs. One extreme would be to stand for nothing and to participate with those who are participating in the openly sinful and rebellious acts directly agains the council of God’s Word! The other extreme would be walking around in the desert avoiding all people who do anything that is not spiritual. Now somewhere in the middle is the appropriate stance, but it is a big middle and how do we as believers figure out that middle? For example, is there room for “personal” conviction…ie. what’s right for someone else may not be right for me? I think of the coffee I drink at times and the morals they represent are directly opposed to my personal convictions. The clothes I wear, the furniture I buy, where I go to eat, the fuel I use, etc. My mind just goes crazy with trying to figure out how I would avoid certain organizations and not others, in a world where where a majority opposes Biblical morals. If a company has a CEO that is not a believer, chances are they will have moral standards that are acceptable according to Scripture. However, even with some believers, I would not associate with their business practices. So I am with you in your passion to stand for Christ, but can you offer any clarity on how one might be able to discern not buying from any company that does not have a Christian value system versus so many others that share the values of the world we live in? For example, do you personally put the Girl Scouts in a different category because of their involvement with Planned Parenthood, which is more aggressive towards the Gospel than other companies who unknowingly disobey God’s commands? By the way, I am not trying to condone Girl Scouts by any means, but seeking to find some practical criteria for how to stand for Christ in a world that opposes our Savior!

    • Richard,

      I don’t think you’d have a problem sticking with your personal convictions. The rocky road of avoiding certain organizations is easy. Just get a copy of the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index and you’re all set.

      Your daily life will be just slightly inconvenienced by avoiding immoral products made by immoral companies. When you wake up in the morning, just make sure you don’t use any Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever or Avon products. they all have 100% rating from the HRC.

      Breakfast could be problematic. Stay away from General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Post Cereals. Again, 100%. Might as well just have bacon and eggs. But make sure you don’t get the bacon from Hillshire Farms or Hormel. Especially Hormel!!

      Getting to work is going to be a problem, since Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Subaru all have 100% ratings from the HRC. Better to walk.

      If you get tired walking, better to call a bus, but using a cell phone will entail dealing with Satan. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobil, and Sprint-Nextel all have 100% ratings. When Time Warner merges with Comcast forming the largest communications service in the country, you’ll have a real problem.

      Better to go to the bank and get some money for a bicycle. But what bank do you do your banking with? Satan’s bank?? Definitely not Bank of America or Citigroup or Wells Fargo or Union Bank. Better just to use your credit card. Oops, not American Express, or MasterCard or Discover or Citicard or Capital One. Even if you did get some money, where are you going to get a bike? Not at Walmart or Target or Macy’s. Anyway, we don’t want to use money, since it’s from the homosexual loving U.S government.

      Better to just go and do work on your PC at home. But hold on! What computer to use? Certainly not Dell. Forget about Apple or Hewlett Packard or Microsoft or Cisco or Texas Instruments or IBM. In fact, just forget about computers all together since those nasty Intel chips have Satan’s name all over them. And definitely no Photoshop. And don’t buy anything online, especially from Amazon or Ebay Forget Yahoo!, Groupon or Google!

      Let’s just forget about all that and watch some TV. But wait….Have DIRECTV? Then you’re connected directly to Hell. Forget Time Warner.

      Better to just go to bed and think about leaving this God forsaken country. But don’t fly on any of Satan’s airlines, which are all of them, or any Boeing or Lockeed aircraft. Better to just get on your Harley and ride into the sunset. Or better yet, get a rowboat. I hear Uganda is nice this time of year.

      • Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index

        I assume anything to the right of V.I. Lenin would be considered an infringement on Human rights according to the above mentioned index 🙂 .

    • I do not know all of the behind the scenes dealings of all major companies. I do know that the Girl Scouts openly support Planned Parenthood. I know that the Boy Scouts openly support homosexuality. Like the baker, I do not have the time nor resources to do a background check on every couple I make a wedding cake for, to find out if they are following the Lord or not, but I do know that a gay couple is disobeying God and I cannot support their lifestyle by making a cake for their wedding. It is blatantly obvious. There is a fine line to walk. I used to support both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts but I cannot do it anymore because of their openly practiced and promoted policies.

  3. My husband and I won’t buy from Girl Scouts but I didn’t know that Boy Scouts supported homosexuality now. I think that no matter what we eat or buy or drive or go someway we are supporting something we don’t agree with. Whether you buy from girl scouts or a name brand I’m sure the brand name has more money and more influence than the girl scouts. If a person researched all the companies out there for whatever product I’m sure each one would be in support of something we didn’t agree with. It’s hard to avoid but I think if you are aware then it’s best to avoid.

    • Deanna,

      Even though Erik made light of my comment about the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (I’m not sure what V.I. Lenin has to do with gay rights,) it can be a useful research tool for Christians too since it rates most of the Fortune 1000 companies using a scale of 0 to 100. There are a few companies that ranked low and they have little or no support for homosexuals.

      Every year it gets harder and harder to find a company that shares your particular prejudices, but if you search hard enough I’m sure you’ll find some. The HRC CEI is a good place to start.

  4. I would assume the protecting life is a virtue and the fact that in the USA, African American babies are targeted specifically for abortion would be the obvious bigotry. Planned Parenthood sets up in low income areas where African Americans can have easier access to abortions. The founder of Planned Parenthood hated black people.

  5. Wow, you consider a baby in the mother’s womb a parasite. 1) that is not an original argument 2) that tells me all I need to know about you.

    Would you consider welfare recipients parasites to society? Would you be all for removing welfare? Would a person who needs a pacemaker or a heart valve be considered expendable because he cannot survive on his own, without the help of an outside source? What about a person who need’s insulin shots on a daily basis to survive?

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