Is there a gay gene?

I hate to keep pointing out the same problems over and over again but I just cannot help pointing out propaganda when I see it. Homosexuality is dangerous and must not be promoted as a virtue. There is not conclusive evidence that homosexuality is inborn. There is no “gay gene” that proves that homosexuality is not a choice. The Bible teaches that homosexuality is a choice like any other sexual activity, yet pro homosexual groups blatantly lie to people in order to promote their propaganda. The picture that you see in is taken in Romania and claims that babies are born homosexual, it is neither a choice nor a disease. Again, there is not conclusive proof that homosexuality is inborn. This is what the pro homosexuals want you to “believe”. Why? So that their lifestyle will be accepted and promoted within society. This is how the next generation of homosexuals must be recruited. Why do we allow people to promote propaganda openly?