Homosexuals want to manipulate young people

I like to keep up with what is going on in the world and in the news so I read a lot of information on the internet and listen to selected points of view on the radio in order to get a good picture of where the world is going. In 2006 I was introduced to the deceitful, manipulative ways of those who promote homosexuality. I was shocked to see the way that promoters of homosexuality work, shameless and with much deception. Since then I have been studying up on the plans and actions of the promoters of homosexuality and have just been absolutely shocked at what I have learned. First of all the promoters of homosexuality have a well thought out plan that places heavy emphasis on manipulating children during the time when their minds are being formed. They work hand in hand with those who were able to have prayer and the Bible removed from schools (except when student led). Since the vacuum of information was left by removing the Bible the promoters of homosexuality stepped in with their teachings on what it means to be homosexual and how to become homosexual. Of course, the lessons are taught from a pro-homosexual point of view and any other argument is left out (called homophobia). If I am not mistaken, this is how propaganda works, you teach people only the point of view that you want them to know and eliminate any opposition. In a democratic/republic nation like the USA this propaganda should not take place, much less in the public school setting. For example, in the public school system, starting from kindergarten, some schools are teaching their kids “The History of Homosexuality”. Please tell me, does a 5 year old child who barely knows the difference between his right hand and his left need to be taught about homosexuality? He does not know about sexuality in general and he should not until he reaches an appropriate age. At a school in Massachusetts the school held a celebration called „Gay Day”. One of the children’s mothers found out after the fact that transvestites were invited to teach some lessons to the children (of course the kids had no idea what a transvestite was, and some were afraid). The children were forced to sit and listen to these lessons even if they did not want to and even if they were afraid of the ones teaching. It saddens me to know that something as shameful as “Gay Day” could be promoted with such pride, especially in my home country. There was another case where a student wore a tee-shirt that said “Straight Pride” on gay day when there were many students with “Gay Pride” on their shirts was kicked out of school for his message of “hatred” and “homophobia”. Is that something normal? Is that something that we should be proud about? I do not think so. Just as a reminder, children are forced to learn about shameful things and students are kicked out of class for having pride in their heterosexuality, these are the manipulative tactics that the promoters of homosexuality use. In fact, homosexuals and the promoters of homosexuality are the ones who scream “tolerance” yet at the same time, they are the most intolerant people whom you will ever find if you do not agree with them. These tactics are nothing new. In fact, the Bible speaks of these same attitudes and actions in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every quarter;  and they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them.”  But Lot went out to them at the doorway, and shut the door behind him,  and said, “Please, my brothers, do not act wickedly. But they said, “Stand aside.” Furthermore, they said, “This one came in as an alien, and already he is acting like a judge; now we will treat you worse than them.” So they pressed hard against Lot and came near to break the door. (Genesis 19:4-7,9)

These homosexual men were not interested in the health or feelings of others and only in satisfying their desires (sexual). Homosexuals are the same today. Look what else happened, men from all over the city came, from young to old, which shows us that homosexuality had spread like a virus all over the city and the older men were teaching the younger men the ways of homosexuality. Is that not what the promoters of homosexuality are doing today? Why do they want kindergartners to learn about homosexuality? Also, when the homosexuals of the city were confronted with their sin, they immediately tried to turn the tables saying that Lot was “judging” them (trying to make themselves out to be the victims). The same tactic is practiced today. When you confront homosexuality, right away you are called a hater and homophobic (making them the victims and you the aggressor). Next we see that they turn to violence when they do not get their way just like today. The hate-crimes laws need to be addressed at the violent homosexuals.

Our hope and joy is the fact that people can be changed and set free from their slavery to sin. Because of this good news we want to share the Word of God with all (especially homosexuals).


8 comments on “Homosexuals want to manipulate young people

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    • Of course we are to confront sin. God has already condemned sin. We are to be like Him in every aspect. We are to hate sin the way that He does. As a church (formed of disciples) we are told to be salt and light. Salt stops decay. Sin causes societal decay therefore we are to attack the point of decay, sin (not the sinner).

      How should we go about it? We need to share the Good News of the Gospel with them. The Good News starts with reality. We are sinner, slaves to sin, destroying ourselves in our lusts and wicked pleasures. That is the bad news. It gets worse. Because of that sin, we are condemned to spend eternity separated from our Perfect Creator, God. The price is too great for us to pay other than eternal separation from God’s presence. The Good News is that the price has already been paid by Jesus Christ. We must accept His free gift and dedicated our lives to following Him (living according to His teachings as found in the Bible). That will set us free from our slavery to sin here on this earth and gives us entrance into the kingdom of heaven (hear on earth and in the future, physical kingdom).

      Casting judgement and calling sin a sin are two totally different things. Incorrect judgement according to the Bible would be trying to claim to know a person’s motives for doing what he or she did or pronouncing eternal judgment on a person and saying that there is no hope for him or her to be forgiven. Another form of incorrect judgment would be telling someone that something is wrong and then doing it yourself.

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  4. There is nothing wrong with encouraging the acceptance homosexuality and bisexuality in society. It certainly won’t hurt anyone. It should be seen as normal and equal to heterosexuality, because it is! A huge benefit to society is that same-sex couples can adopt babies to give them a loving home and family.

  5. Hi Erik,
    I know I have left you long comments on your other post (“Homosexuality is Dangerous for your Health”), but I just wanted to leave a quick note of my thoughts about this post. (I tried to make it quick, but it got long, I’m so sorry!) I think that your main error about homosexuality in general (aside from the Biblical teachings) is that you think it is something that you can “become.” You said something about “teaching them how to become homosexual.” I can assure you dear Erik, no one becomes homosexual no more than someone becomes heterosexual. If you disagree, than I would like to ask you the following questions. Please honestly answer all of these.

    1) At what age did you CHOOSE to be a heterosexual? Please describe how you came to an informed decision that you would have attractions to the opposite sex.

    2) Think back to your early years. Who was the first person you had a crush on? Who was the first person you fell in love with? (You don’t have to name names, just think about it.) Now with this in mind, at what moment did you CHOOSE to have these feelings for these individuals?

    3) Do you feel that your romantic/sexual attractions towards women were taught to you? If you had not had this “education,” would you be void of all romantic/sexual feelings to this day? (P.S. 99.9% of gay people were born of straight parents, witnessed straight examples of couples in their life and in stories, books, movies, etc. In other words, straight people have gay children.)

    4) Now for a Biblical question… If the men of Sodom, both young and old, were ALL exclusively gay people, where did the children come from? (Possible answer: Did the men kidnap women from other cities to have sex with them so that they could have children just so that they could teach them how to “become” gay?)

    So the majority of my thoughts on Sodom are on your other post, but I wanted to add a few things. You conclude that when the men of Sodom said “This one came in as an alien, and already he is acting like a judge; now we will treat you (Lot) worse than them (the angels),” that they are acting like Lot is being judgmental of their “desire to have sex” with them. Remember once again that it is not sex that they desired, but to gang-rape them. The key here is that they noted that Lot was an “alien” or “foreigner.” This means he was of lower status to the original residents of Sodom, so for him to make decisions on this matter was ironic to them because he (as well as his foreign daughters) could easily be a victim of gang-rape, seeing that men of these violent cities gang-raped foreigners as payment, signs of power and/or punishment. So it would basically be like a subordinate employee telling the boss what to do and them saying “so you’re trying to be the boss now?” (This is very different than someone “pointing the finger” and accusing them of being judgmental.) They conclude by saying they would treat Lot WORSE than the angels. This shows that their original intentions were something violent, not simply that they turned to violence after not getting their way. They had already intended to treat the angels violently, or they would have not said they would treat Lot “worse.”

    Either way, Erik, the men of Sodom were trying to have sex with the angels (who appeared as men) against their will… This is wrong no matter how you look at it. Lot felt responsible for the angels because he had taken them in under the shelter of his roof. He would not give them over, but instead offered his daughters as an alternative payment. The only reason rape wasn’t witnessed in Genesis 19 is because the men were blinded, so everyone remained protected. As we see in the nearly identical story in the city of Gibeah in Judges 19, there were no angels to protect them, so the foreign concubine was raped all night unto death. (Note that the resident of Gibeah also offered his virgin daughter, but she was not taken, as she was not a foreigner so she was not their target.) The Levite even said in Judges 20 that the men intended to kill him, but instead raped his concubine and she died. So the intentions in such cities were of violence to foreigners from the very beginning. In fact, when we see Lot say “Do not do such a vile (ra’a) thing to these men” and the Gibean say “do not do such an outrageous (ra’a) thing to this man,” both use the Hebrew word “ra’a” which means “inflict harm.” So both were asking that they not inflict harm on the men who came under the shelter of their roof. What modern example do you have of this to say that gay people turn to this type of violence today?

    This is getting longer than I intended, but I really want to make this clear. I absolutely AGREE with you that kindergartners have no need to be taught about any form of sexuality! I don’t think this should be taught to children. It is very twisted to teach kids that young about anything sexual. I also agree with you that a lot of liberal gay activists can be VERY judgmental people of anyone in opposition to them. Unfortunately, this is what we see in the media and people like me are not even represented which is very disheartening. All we really see is the scantily clad dressed gay guys and manly women in the gay pride parades (which I have never attended by the way) and the angry gays protesting churches. I am utterly offended and embarrassed by these things, and so are my gay friends. I am sure you can relate to a point when we see radical Christians in the media which give all of Christianity a bad name. Rarely do we see positive examples of Christians in the mainstream media… If this is all a non-Christian sees, they think badly of Christianity. None the less, wonderful Christians exist, even when they are not openly seen in the public. So do you understand my embarrassment and feeling upset that I am so misrepresented?

    I completely understand why you feel the way you do because of what you have been exposed to and I respect that you don’t agree with homosexuality. I am just coming to you as a sister in Christ to express that some of your views on gay people in general are truly false. I would see you as being an authority on heterosexuality much more than I could ever be. In the same way, I really do know more about being gay than you do because I am a lesbian. So in this case, I just want you to understand it is not chosen and its not all about sex. It is who you love and have affection for, not some lustful fetish. Homosexuality is not all about the sex act just like heterosexuality is not all about the sex act. The sex part only represents 1% of the whole package, meaning that it is the love and relationship with whom you connect with that matters most. Trust me Erik, we are a lot more alike than you realize.

    Why would anyone choose to be gay anyway if there was a choice in the matter? It sucks to have so many people against you and only define you by who you want to sleep with. If I had the capability to become straight I would have done it a long time ago. My life would be so much easier. But aside from this, I feel that God has blessed me with a wonderful Christian wife (of nearly 10 years) and now looking back, I can’t imagine it any other way. What one must remember is that God has the capability to change anything… For some reason unknown to humans, He has not chosen to transform gay people into straight people no matter how hard they beg, bargain, plead and pray to God endlessly. This is quite a statement that God makes by not changing them, even those who want nothing more and would give up anything to be “normal” to please God and society. Some gays turn to marrying the opposite gender in attempts to please God, but as you said in another post, “standing in a garage does not make you a car.” Likewise, marrying the opposite sex does not make you straight if you are gay. These marriages are destructive from the beginning because the gay spouse doesn’t possess the ability to romantically love their partner and any sexual contact feels similar to rape because they have no desire to actually be with them in that way. Just imagine if the world was primarily gay and heterosexuality was condemned. Imagine if YOU felt the only way to please God and escape hell was for YOU to be married to another man for the rest of your life! I shutter with “ewwww-ness” on your behalf. Haha. I feel that same “ewww.” It is just completely against our inborn nature for the both of us. So I can’t imagine the gay/straight union being an ideal Christian marriage, even though it possesses a man and woman.

    If God’s ONLY design for mankind in this world is heterosexuality between a man and woman, than why do hermaphrodites (people born with both sex organs) exist? Who are they allowed to have sex with in the eyes of God? If heterosexuality is the ONLY design for mankind for the purpose of procreation to “be fruitful and multiply,” than are infertile men and women sinning when they have sex, fully knowing that no child will come? If God’s ONLY “natural” design for human sexuality is heterosexual intercourse, than why were males and females BOTH created with having external AND internal organs of sexual stimulation? If this last one confuses you, read this (I really don’t want to get too graphic here): http://moanti.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/biological-evidence-that-proves-gay-and-lesbian-sex-is-not-unnatural/

    I just think that God is a lot more creative than a lot of us give Him credit. I think the main message of human relationships in the Bible is to be in a committed monogamous relationship for life. Anything less is outside of the blueprint. Remember that Jesus Himself said that if one divorces and remarries (aside from reasons of adultery), they are both in an adulterous relationship within their second marriage…. In the same verse used to condemn me, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 says that adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God. So if being in a same-gender committed lifelong partnership is “perpetual sin,” than why would God forgive the 2nd marriage which is adultery and not the committed gay couple? Because they are straight, God lets them off the hook but not the committed gays? One must also remember that in the other verse used to condemn gays, 1 Timothy 1:9-11 states that there is someone else on the list that will not inherit the kingdom of God which we ALL are… In the list, it simply says “SINNERS” will not inherit the Kingdom of God. All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, so our only hope is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who provides complete forgiveness through His blood or no one would be saved! Thank you Lord Jesus for your sacrifice!

    Once again, I am so sorry for this being so long! But I thank you graciously for reading it. Even if you never come to any different understanding about the Bible passages that appear to condemn homosexuality, I at least want you to walk away from these conversations with a better understanding of what it means to be gay. It’s not a choice. It’s not all about sex. It is about who you love. Aside from that, I think the Bible’s main message as a whole isn’t concerned with WHO you love, but HOW you love. In this way, may you always abide in His love and show it to all in a way that would make them want to come to Christ. Thanks again, Erik. 🙂

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