Are homosexuals fit parents?

Back in 2005, the APA (American Psychological Association), a once respected organization before being highjacked by the gay agenda, produced a comprehensive study claiming that children raised by homosexual couples were just as likely to be “normal” and lead normal lives as children who are raised by heterosexual couples. This was to be the end all argument that would silence the people who claimed that homosexuality is dangerous for society. Those who promoted homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle instead of a dangerous threat to society began to “dance in the streets” closing the mouths of any opposition with this article.

The Bible teaches that homosexuals are liars, seeking to manipulate the people around them. This is not an opinion. It is a fact. Once again, we have proof of this manipulation. Dr. Loren Marks from Louisiana State University, researched this “comprehensive study” and  found that much of the science . . . does not stand up to scrutiny. You can read the full article here.

Once again, homosexuality has been proven a danger to the one who practices the lifestyle and is also a danger to society as a whole.

Here is a general description of the homosexual lifestyle.

Genesis 19:1-11

II Peter 2:5-10

I Corinthians 6:9-11

I Timothy 1:9-11

According to these Scriptures, homosexuals are:

  • Wicked
  • Great sinners
  • Sin  is very grave
  • They are united and aggressive
  • They cause others distress
  • They practice sensual conduct
  • They say lewd things
  • They torture the people around them
  • They indulge in defiling passions
  • Thieves
  • Murderers of fathers and mothers
  • Murderers
  • Kidnappers
  • Liars
  • Perjurers (oath breakers, like the gay catholic priests who broke their vow of abstinence by molesting young boys)

After reading their characteristics, please explain to me how they can be fit parents for raising healthy children.

5 comments on “Are homosexuals fit parents?

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  2. As a gay parent of three very successful men, I found this post by Erik very interesting.

    If you actually read Erik’s link to the Marks article, you will note that Marks never refuted the original APA study:

    “The jury is still out on whether being raised by same-sex parents disadvantages children,” explains Marks. “However the available data on which the APA draws its conclusions, derived primarily from small convenience samples, are insufficient to support a strong generalized claim either way.”

    There was also another challenge to the APA study. Dr. Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas, Austin, an evangelical Christian, conducted his own study, funded to the tune of $700,000 by the Witherspoon Institute, a conservative Christian think tank opposed to same-sex marriage, embryonic stem cell research, and abortion.

    Predictably, the study, called the New Family Structures Study, NFSS, was not very flattering to same-sex parents, but upon review by an independent auditor requested by the publishing journal’s own editor, found:

    “The key measure of gay and lesbian parenting is simply a farce. The study includes a retrospective question asking if people knew if their mother or father had a “romantic” relationship with someone of the same sex when the respondent was under age 18. This measure is problematic on many levels. Regnerus admits that just two of his respondents were actually raised by a same-sex couple, though I doubt that he can even know that, given his limited data. Since only two respondents were actually raised in gay or lesbian households, this study has absolutely nothing to say about gay parenting outcomes. Indeed, because it is a non-random sample, this study has nothing to say about anything.” The link to this:

    In fact, Dr. Regnerus himself, in an interview with Focus on the Family’s Citizen Magazine, said:

    “I’d be more careful about the language I used to describe people whose parents had same-sex relationships,” Regenus told the magazine. “I said ‘lesbian mothers’ and ‘gay fathers,’ when in fact, I don’t know about their sexual orientation…”

    Erik presents articles written by researchers with a clear anti-gay agenda, often financed or sponsored by anti-gay organizations.

    Erik says that homosexuals are liars, that they manipulate the people around them.

    Clearly, it’s these Christian researchers and their benefactors who are the liars and the manipulators.

    • Gary,
      Thank you for raising three successful men. I hope & pray to be able to say that someday too (they’re still young). In spite of what is said here, you are awesome and should feel proud. (Just so we’re clear, I consider myself a Christian – a follower of Christ)

      • Susan,
        What did Christ have to say about homosexuality as well as the institution of marriage? If you claim to follow Christ, shouldn’t you also follow His teachings? How can you follow Christ if you do not follow His teachings?

        On another note, the entire premise of the article’s argument is not based on a case by case scenario. Instead, it is based on the movement as a whole. This is the problem as well as a tactic, you do not want to look at the trend as a whole, instead, make it emotionally charged by keeping it on a case by case scenario. Step outside your own little world and for a moment, take a look at the big picture. Have a great day.

      • Susan,
        Thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t take Erik’s words to heart. This Blog is just his opinion. As you can see by my posts, I have my own! I’m glad there is a forum like this where differing opinions can be debated.

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