Are you surprised B. Hussein Obama won, I am not

Good day. As a Christian, did you wake up this morning feeling a bit discouraged at how people could vote for a pro abortion, pro gay marriage, pro forced charity candidate? I did not because I have been talking with some “Christians” over the last few days about the issues and for whom a genuine Christian should cast his or her vote. The Bible does not name a candidate or a party because they change like the wind. The Bible explains the values and character of a person who should lead a country. I was a little discouraged to hear some of the justifications that people use for voting against life and traditional marriage. Here are a couple of those “righteous” excuses.

It does not matter because God is in control anyway.

To back that claim up, they usually quote from the book of Daniel.

20 Daniel said, “Let the name of God be blessed forever and ever, For wisdom and power belong to Him. 21 “It is He who changes the times and the epochs ; He removes kings and establishes kings ; He gives wisdom to wise men And knowledge to men of understanding. (Daniel 2)

I agree 100% with the above Scripture. I would just like to point out a very important piece of information here. This was written during the time when all kingdoms consisted of dictatorships. The kings were not chosen by popular vote so the faithful people of God really had no choice in the matter. They had to trust God that He would work through the corrupt leaders. 21st Century America is not a dictatorship, yet. We choose our leaders so we cannot sit back and excuse our poor choices by claiming that “God is in control so it does not matter”. It does matter. We are to participate in the privilege of voting and we are to choose the person who lines up closet to the Biblical principles. If you lived in communist China or Afghanistan then you could proclaim Daniel 2:20-21 but if you live in the USA and have the privilege of voting then please do not excuse your apathy or non Biblical choice using Daniel 2.

There are other issues besides abortion and gay marriage.

Over the past 25 years, the public schools in America have brainwashed young minds into believing that homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle that is not different from heterosexuality. They are not told the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle because then it would not longer be propaganda but instead a balanced view of things. Those same kids have been taught that abortion is no longer about life and death but about a woman’s reproductive choice. In both cases they change the words to re-frame the conversation. The words “abortion”, “life”, and “death” are avoided at all costs. Now these people in their 20’s and early 30’s usually vote pro choice and pro gay marriage, even though they also claim to be Christians. Here is what I am talking about.

It’s easy to focus on a couple of hot button issues when there are dozens of others that are important. You can’t say “You voted for someone that supports abortion and gay marriage, you’re not a Christian!” because that is silly. (via facebook)

Erik, maybe there’s more to it than that. I am a Christian. That said 1.) I want all babies to be born but instead of focusing on abortion, I wish we would focus more on healthcare and education. Abortion is a result of a lack of the two things I just mentioned. I also abhor the way abortion and rape have been grouped together in this election as a flippant discussion. No men should ever be a part of that discussion. They will never come close to understanding so they don’t get to have an opinion. I also think that if Christians would adopt all these babies they are politically trying to save, abortion would cease to be an issue. 2.) I am for commitment and marriage. I’m sure we would agree that the Bible is against homosexuality but what exactly does that mean to the audience the Bible was written for? It is speculated homosexuality is the closest word we have in translation but when Paul is saying how awful this sin is, he may be referring to pedophilia in which I absolutely agree! The most famous example of “gay” in the Bible is the incident with Lot and his male angel visitors. The people came and were horrible to them. I think this is a sin of not being hospitable, not an example of a loving monogamous relationship. 3.) Forced charity? As Christians that just sounds redundant. Our whole lives are about loving our neighbors, taking care of widows and orphans, and sharing all we have so no one is in need.
You ask how I can disagree with you and still be a Christian, I ask are you truly loving your neighbor? (via facebook)

There is a lot to unpack here so I will go one step at a time. The Bible has very clear teaching on abortion and you can read it here in this article. If you want to see God’s/Christ’s stance on traditional marriage, please read this article. To see Christ’s/God’s views on homosexuality, please see this article. Did you notice how men are not allowed to have a choice in the area of abortion and rape? I did. Are women impregnated without the help of men? What about rape? Do women or girls who are raped not have brothers and fathers who should be interested in defending them? Here is what the Bible says about rape. If we followed God’s plan, there would be no second time offenders in the area of rape.

If you claim to be a Christian yet vote against life and against traditional marriage then I just wonder what Jesus would say to you if you were face to face? In fact, I think I know what He would say because in the Gospels He dealt specifically with hypocrites (people who claimed one thing and did another). Here is something that I wrote via facebook in response to some of these accusations.

BTW, as Jesus’ ambassadors we are to live as He lived, think as He thought, speak as He spoke. He was loving and gentle with the sinner but He hammered sin. When He spoke to religious hypocrites who spoke one way but lived a different way, He just hammered them. I just wonder how He would deal with those who claim to be Christians today but vote pro-choice and pro gay marriage. Just a thought

If you truly love your neighbor as the Scriptures teach then how can you let him practice a destructive lifestyle that hurts himself and those around him and not say anything to him or her, not offer the hope of the Gospel? True love seeks to help the other for the good of the other person. If I love the homosexuals around me then I need to show them the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle. If I love the drug addicts of my city then I will do all that I can, not to feed their addiction by telling them that they live an alternative lifestyle, but instead, I will do all that I can to help them break free of the vice that enslaves them. I agree, we are to love our neighbor but what does that mean? Turning a blind eye to their sin? No way. That is an excuse for people who see the need but do not want to do anything about it.

Do not lose heart, God is in control. He will always do His part but as Christians He calls us to do ours as well. We are to be salt and light. Salt stops decay. Light shines away the darkness of sin. Were you being salt and light when you voted? Did you vote to stop the decay of abortion and gay marriage? Please think seriously about these issues because they may be a matter of life and death (in fact they are, both physical and eternal). May God help us all.

10 comments on “Are you surprised B. Hussein Obama won, I am not

  1. I have always admired Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon and others who show courage in standing for what’s right even against great odds. I never thought that I might be facing anti-Christian thoughts and views in America, but sadly it is happening. I hope and pray for the courage of Esther, Meshach, Shadrach and Abendigo, Joshua, Noah and others. I have an aunt who says “Right is never wrong, and wrong is never right”. Good words to remember when the world seems upside down, and topsy- turvy. Whenever it seems like the world is winning I remember who is really in control. We may be in the time of testing – like when gold is being refined. The refining part is hot and dirty and sometimes long, but the end result is worth it. God promises wonderful things for His children who are refined like gold if we hold on and remain faithful.
    By the by, abortion is a very personal issue for me. I have a sister and a nephew who are with my family because their birth mothers made a self-sacrificing decision to let them live. I have a friend who became pregnant after a rape. She chose what was best for the baby and let it live to be adopted in a loving family. She said it wasn’t the baby’s fault how it was conceived and that while she would always struggle with a lot of pain from the rape, at least she wouldn’t have the regret of taking an innocent baby’s life. We need God, and we need each other. Thank you for sharing the Scriptures we need to know to fight the schemes of Satan; I find great encouragement from them!

    • Thank you. I just got tired of all of the spin from so called “Christians”. It saddens me to see how many church goers who have no clue about the Bible.

  2. You truly are disgusting Erik “B HUSSEIN OBAMA”??????

    Really?? Playing on Muslim hatred??? Oh my poor perverted man, now you better pray there is NO judgement day. If there is, you are going to hell for your hatred.

    Have a loving day.


    • I just used the man’s full name. I do not hate Muslims, although many of them hate Americans (see 9/11 and a few other terrorist attacks).

      Pointing out facts and hatred are two different things. Like the case with Susan Rice, if you point out her record you are called a hating, racist, sexist person. Name calling aside, the facts are still the facts.

      I am actually prepared for judgment day, what about you?

      Now, can you actually counter argue any of the points in the article?

  3. get behind me satan

    using his middle name is a trick to inspire hatred i see right through you, its almost comical

    it is true that some muslims, fanatics, hate christians. they are as deranged as you are, and, if there is a god, will suffer the same fate as you.

    hmmmm, 9/11, other terrorist attacks … THE CRUSADES!!!! (or do you ignore that religious fanaticism that led to the slaughter of thousands of innocents)

    no, sir, you are not prepared for judgement day. your soul id black with hatred and it will nor be hidden from jesus or god on that day. i, a loving and good human, will inherit the kingdom in your stead.

    have a loving day


    • I knew that was coming. I have seen this argument many times, on this site as a matter of fact. Here are my answers to the others who had the same lame claim.

      You use the “church” during medieval times as an example of misguided dogma but my question is, what provoked the Crusades and my other question is, were they leaders who lead the inquisition and Crusades being directed by the absolute truth of the Bible?

      Apropo, be careful with the Crusades in claiming that the knights who went we Christians (we have already established that not everyone who calls himself a Christian is in fact a true Christian).

      I knew that one was coming (the people “murdered” in the name of Christianity). Classic rebuttal, but not well thought out. 1) Many of the wars of the Crusades (I am sure that is part of what you had in mind) were due to direct attacks by the Muslims on innocent Christian of the East. They appealed to the Western Christians for help because they were being slaughtered by the religion of peace (which I find ironic). The problem is that revisionist liberal historians are not interested in the facts and instead want to paint Medieval Christians as monsters which they were not. 2) Some bad people did some bad things in the name of Christianity. Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is actually a Christian. Jesus warned of that 2,000 years ago, from the very beginning. So please do not confuse people who say that they were/are Christians and people who actually were/are. A person who claims to be a Christian yet lives contrary to God’s Word, may wear the title, but he is not the real thing. Jesus explained that we will know true Christians by their deeds (as well as the false, also by their deeds). So, just like you try to blame God for man’s sins, here you are trying to blame true Christianity for the actions of unbelievers who did some terrible things while “claiming” to be Christian. Christianity is not a title it is a lifestyle. You can claim to be it but if you do not live it then, you just have empty words.

  4. You are exactly right Erik. If there is a god, he will know the true and just by their deeds, not their words. your deeds are evil, you soul is black, and even though you profess to love this god, your actions betray this god. your post about the president, designed ONLY to stoke the already simmering embers of the christian right, are exhibit 1. i, a nonbeliever who does good deeds and whose soul is full of love, will inherit the kingdom of heaven before you. you are no better than the pharisees and saducees … hypocrites.

    have a loving day.


    • your deeds are evil, you soul is black, and even though you profess to love this god, your actions betray this god. your post about the president, designed ONLY to stoke the already simmering embers of the christian right

      I posted an article about the type of people who voted for the current president of the USA, a president who directily contradicts the teachings of the Word of God on three major issues, 1)the sanctity of human life 2) the morality of the traditional family 3) the concept of forced charity. People who claim to be Christians yet vote contrary to these 3 clear concepts are the ones who are being hypocritical. You can vote for whomever you want just be aware that you actions have consequences and speak volumes of who you are as a person.

      Do you think murdering innocent babies is not evil? Do you feel that attacking the foundation of society, the traditional family is not a betrayal of family values?

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